LiteTooltip.js Plugin 2.0
for WordPress

Responsive Jquery Tooltip with Valid HTML5 and CSS3 | Smarter Code for Faster Development | Responsive & Interactive Web designs

"The First Fully Responsive ToolTip Bundle for WordPress with 12 Positions, Customizable Color Presets
Menu Templates, Image Maps, Hotspots, Videos and Triggers"

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* jQuery version also available!


Easy to install lightweight customizable Jquery plugin and compatible with almost all the versions of WordPress.


We have tried hard to make it responsive and adaptive that provides optimal viewing experience on different screen sizes.


Supports multiple browsers, tested on IE10, IE9, IE8, IE7, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera & Safari.


Powered by the latest combination of HTML5 standards, customizable CSS3 and JQuery for animations.

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12 Positions

data-location attribute enables setting up the position of tooltip balloon at any one of the 12 positions it support.

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Color Presets & Templates

We have provided 12 colors presets and 24 inbuilt templates in this release of LiteTooltip.js bundle.

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Menu Templates

Yes! It includes 12 menu templates also which you can use as context menus with different look and feel.

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Image Map Areas

Supports HTML image map areas to display the tooltips at different locations on a single image.

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Image HotSpots

Another simple way to show the marked spots on images for displaying the associated tooltips.

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Video Tooltip

Yes! It also supports the video embedding into the tooltip balloon in a responsive way.

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